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Ämne: Setting off for Trollhättan today

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    apr 2007
    Chippenham, England

    Setting off for Trollhättan today

    Well, the day has finally arrived when the group from the UK set off for the long journey to the Saab Festival

    We are arriving in Esbjerg, Denmark, at 13:00 CEST on Monday then driving through Denmark, over the bridge to Malmö - I am told that this bridge is an amazing thing! - up the E6 to Göteborg, then the E20 through Alingsås (where the Swedish distributor for the company I work for is based) and Vårgarda to Vara where we are staying. So, if you see a group of 7 högerstyrd Saabs with UK registrations be sure to wave

    Even though we will be further north than Scotland the weather next week in Trollhättan looks excellent, let's hope it stays that way for next weekend -
    '02 9-3 SE LPT (Högerstyrd)

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    Steg 4 Stoffe #2959s avatar
    jan 2003
    Markaryd, Southern Sweden
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    It's fun to see people from other countries are comming to join the Saab Festvial!

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    A Group of estonians are coming to the festival.

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