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Ämne: APC Red Box wanted

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    dec 2003
    Oxted, England

    APC Red Box wanted


    Looking for APC red box must be part number 4393971 or 8664814

    Cash waiting (Paypal) E-mail or call me on +44 **** ******


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    Hi Paul....
    Do you still want one ??
    How much do you intend to pay for one??
    And tell me Your year model, if has Cat and if it´s DI/APC unit... ok ??
    I think i have one...

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    dec 2003
    Oxted, England
    Hi Joseglv

    Thanks for your reply

    I just want this one - must be part number 4393971
    I was made for a 1993 T16S Ruby edition. 185 bhp and it has a cat. I don't know about the rest of it.

    How much do I want to pay??? as little as possible!
    The asking price here is usually around £60 -£70.00

    BTW can you get leather seat covers for the C900?
    Also looking for a chrome grill as near to new as possible

    Best Regards

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    Welll it´s like this....
    The part # you are asking it´s from an standart unit that came with an 900 from 1990-1993 with the standart output as 185 HP ( 137 KW ).
    I know what i am saying cause i worked in an Saab dealer...

    To that car, there was avaiable 3 engine tuning kits:
    Part # 137007506 ( 900 T16 M90-93 non Cat , man Gearbox )
    137007001 ( 900 T16 2.0 M87-93 Catalytic - to engine with 175HP )
    137007704 (900 T16 2.0 M90-93 Catalytic to engine with 185HP )

    I think you need this last one...
    Remember, this are part numbers for the KIT´S

    The unit i have here is DI/APC #8660334 and bosch #137007407
    I´ve been told it´s from an 9000 M90-93 and ( you should know too ) some 900 with the same engine...

    So if you car has an DI ( red top over the cam cover saying Direct ignition ) this unit MAY work on your car...
    I´ve tried this unit in my car and it showed no diference ( my car is an B202R with 200HP standart ) so this is a good sign... :-D

    Only you can decide on this....
    Best regards:

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    dec 2003
    Oxted, England
    Thank you for your reply and information.

    Yes.. according to your list the last one is probably the same as the one I mentioned - ideally as I have a cat on it and the power output is the same. I have another car without a cat and currently using part no. 86664814 on that. Goes very well with this!

    The 1st and last part numbers on your list are not mentioned on this specialist's web page where I got my information from?

    Please have a look at this site
    click on Tech and then APC modifying. You will see the list on there.

    No, my car does not have DI (any red top over the cam cover). I've only ever seen a 9000 with that.

    I look forward to your reply. Let me know what price you have in mind if you have one and want to sell.

    Kind Regards


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    Unfortunatly, this unit is to an DI car....
    Some 900 had DI so i asked you first....

    If you still wish to buy it, for me is ok.... but it wont work....

    Those part # i gave you was from my acessories book when i was at the dealer... but it´s only for reference....since they are kit´s numbers....

    oh well...
    Hope you find what you are looking for....


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