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Ämne: SAAB 9000 CD Airflow

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    SAAB 9000 CD Airflow

    maybe some of you can help me. I've just got a 1990 Saab 9k CD Airflow
    with a 2.0.l engine but I can't find such things (CD Airflow) anywhere.
    This means : how often they were built and does it make sense to keep the Airflow Kit???

    I got it very cheap so I'll take out everything I can use on my other cars
    9000 CC T 16S and my Aero

    so pwb soon thx

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    aug 2006
    I cannot manage to show the picture of performanzs´ 9000 CD Airflow, but I found one in the net. His looks totally the same, like the one on the picture. But performanz ones is grey and has a rear wing:

    Saab 93 Viggen

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