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Ämne: Welcome! What-tos and what-nots.. (Rules)

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    jan 2003

    Welcome! What-tos and what-nots.. (Rules)

    Hello everyone and welcome to our department for international users not yet familiar with the Swedish language!

    Here follows a short extract from the rules and hints on how to change the language to the one that suits you..

    Our rules:

    Here at STCS we all follow the netiquette. If you feel unsure about this area there's plenty to read about it.
    Here's one link for instance:

    Before posting, do a search. When posting, choose your topic carefully.

    We also abide the Swedish law. This means that you may not encourage or spread someones encouragement to commit a crime. This includes the spread and linking of pirated software.

    No commercial marketing is allowed.
    Pornography of any kind is prohibited.

    Signatures should be no higher than 3 standard rows (that is, bigger size gives fewer rows.)

    Hints & tricks:

    How to register on this Swedish forum:
    1. When registering for the first time, first press the 'Registrera' link available at the top of every page, then, at the bottom of that big disclaimer text, press the bolded text to accept it.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    2. Please enter your desired username in the 'Användarnamn' field.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    3. Enter the e-mail address where the confirmation e-mail should be sent.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    4. Enter a disired password twice at 'Lösenord' and 'Bekräfta nytt lösenord'.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    5. At the bottom of the page, find the 'Forumsspråk' and choose your desired forum language.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    6. Finally, press the 'Skicka/Spara' button to submit your registration.[/*:m:8pb9579b]
    7. Check your inbox for the activation e-mail. Run the link provided in the mail and then you should be set to log in and start being a part of our SAAB community![/*:m:8pb9579b]

    More tricks to come..


    Unnecessary Swedish posts will be killed upon sight!
    //frazor - 3519
    9000 CS 2.3 Turbo S á la -92 | Soligt i Malibu.
    Ubi dubium ibi libertas.

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    jan 2003
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    this is an good start, i have invited our friends from the big island whit the stering weel on the wrong side :-)

    Try to spread this opportunity to every international contact u have

    Some help with the language :

    But not the tecnical terms, any suggestions we we can get any help there??
    Mats Fhinn/3499/

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    nov 2003
    The Netherlands
    Hello from The Netherlands

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    Hello from the UK
    Got some greet info on this forum a few months ago for my C900 TD04 conversion,
    Great idea

    Hoping for 300bhp in my TD04 C900T16S in the UK

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