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Ämne: Measurements sunroof OG900

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    nov 2017

    Measurements sunroof OG900

    I need someone give me the measure between the edge of the windshield rubber and the cut edge of the opening in the roof panel to locate the place for the sunroof opening. The car is a classic 900
    See attached picAPPLICATION LIST SKYTOP AND SKYSLIDER by WebastoHollandia _ manualzz.jpg
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    apr 2005
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    Distance between front window rubber seal and sunroof should be same as on an og900 with origin sunroof, and I assume you will have better luck on answers posting topic at Svenska Saabklubben internet forum or facebook pages. If I remember correct there’s a roof support structure in middle position of sunroof however repositioning should solve that issue. I do not know how roof support is done on cars with origin sunroof.

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