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Ämne: Break & steering column issues OG900

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    nov 2017

    Break & steering column issues OG900

    I have the oportunity of the purchase of one 900 145CV of 1986. IT has two problems, the break system need to be press twice the pedal to actuate and it also has a leaking coming from the steering column.

    Do you have any experience with this to failures. Are they expensive to repair.?


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    The brake issue is probably a faulty/leaking master cylinder, usually they rebuild just fine with a new seal kit which is available for ~100 SEK. Could also be as simple as air trapped somewhere in the brake system which would be solved by bleeding all four calipers.

    The steering rack housing where the incoming shaft is located are known to corrode since it is made out of aluminium alloy (up to 1990, cast iron from 1991 onwards) which causes it to leak. Leaks are also common from each end of the shaft, if that's the case you will notice there's power steering fluid in the inner tie rod dust boots.

    There are rebuild kits available for the steering racks but i believe most people just swap for another used, non leaky, steering rack instead. Preferably from a 1991 onwards model since those are less prone to leak.

    Where are you located? Are you able to do the work yourself? The parts are not expensive (in Sweden at least) but steering rack replacement is kind of time consuming which makes it expensive if you take the car to a garage.

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