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Ämne: Sunroof as sparepart OG9-3

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    Sunroof as sparepart OG9-3


    my name is Rene, and i´m from tyskland. My town is Übach-Palenberg. And i have a Saab 9-3 YS3D from 2000. My problem is the sunroof. I not have. So i hope that anyone can help me. Because i need the sunroof with the part number 5330568. But i have not the dimension from this part. Can anyone tell me the Dimension from the 5330568 sunroof ??? My sunroof is 80cm x 47,5cm. 47,5cm only in the center. Can anyone help me ??? Mein 9-3 Hub-Schiebedach Rahmen.jpgMein 9-3 Hub-Schiebedach.jpg

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    send me a pm vith your VIN no. I might be able to help but I need to verify partnumber first.

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