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Ämne: Problem with Saab 9-5 Biopower

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    nov 2017

    Problem with Saab 9-5 Biopower

    Hi guys, well im not new to Saab and i love it, but recently i bought 9-5 biopower 2007 and i feel like its really heavy when starting and it loses a lot of fuel same time like 18 on E85-100km and 13-100 on 95,i have changed air fillter, oil and oil filter, plug spark too, still the same and i have even cleaned up the MAF fillter or Mass, any idea what could be wrong with it? the only part i bought but didnt change is the fuel filter becuz i couldnt locate it. any idea about it i really love it but it costs me alot of fuel.
    thanks for all.

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    okt 2003
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    The fuel filter is underneath the car, right next to the fuel tank. I don't believe that is your problem though, as a leaky filter will leave spots on the ground and the car will stink.

    I think your problem has to do with broken return valves or vacuum hoses. Inspect all vacuum hoses and check all return valves for function.
    Air leaks cause the Trionic system to believe that more fuel is needed (and it is) so the car starts to use a lot of it to compensate. If it's a BioPower car, the leak has to be very big before the Check Engine light will show up.

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    jan 2003
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    But a 9-5 biopower have no filter under the car as petrol 9-5. It's just the filter at the pump.


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    So, you should consider returning the filter since it is not for your version of the 9-5. Especially if it was recommended by the store.

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    feb 2018
    If it's possible to return it you should - Else you should see the mechanic (unless you think you can do it yourself) - If you found the problem, it would be interesting to know

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