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Ämne: Help getting parts for GM45614 (Saab 900 S Gearbox)

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    Help getting parts for GM45614 (Saab 900 S Gearbox)

    Hello everyone;

    A friend of me has a truly pretty Saab 900 S Cab, MY92, green with beige top, just 6000 Mil, but with the 5th gear broken. Here in my home town, the official Saab dealer has told us that Saab doesn't service parts for the Gearbox anymore (As Saab Enthusiast you can imagine how much this hurts...)

    The two parts he is looking for are:

    8712580 and 8728719

    The second one was for sale in the Ana Outlet at the 2010 Festival because I bought it, but the first one I don´t know. (I don´t want to give my part 8728719 away because it has became my amulet).

    Could someone ask in Ana Trollhättan if by casualty they still have this parts for the Gearbox ?

    A lot of thanks.

    PD: I'm sorry for my english. I should improve it or even learn swedish.
    - 92' Saab 900 Turbo 16s Cab

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    Re: Help getting parts for GM45614 (Saab 900 S Gearbox)

    Finally he has got a refurbished Gearbox from Holland. This thread can be closed.

    - 92' Saab 900 Turbo 16s Cab

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